We set up cooperation projects with universities in order to jointly develop dual study courses (linking academic with vocational education) and vocational training programs addressed towards university dropouts.


We acquire public grants for research projects in technical areas and vocational education and form project groups with universities, external research institutes, companies and other relevant organizations.

International Affairs

We support the internationalization of dual vocational training and qualify skilled workers in China, Lao PDR and South Africa. You can find our international institutes and projects on their linked websites.

Contact persons

Sonja Prüll

International education
+49 9605 919 - 9330

Due to the great variety of regional, national and international funding programs, it is often difficult to find the suitable one for a respective project. The UeBZO offers holistic support throughout the whole process of grant applications, in order to make our customer’ employees able to only focus on the content and not the administration of bureaucratic requirements. 

Our service provisions:

  • Identifying suitable funding programs (e.g. of the EU, federal programs, state programs)

  • Developing a strategy for drafting a grant application (e.g. seeking cooperations with universities or research institutes)

  • Guidance through the application process (project draft / full application)

  • Taking over administrative work and the accounting system for the public grants (demanding public grants / proof of costs)


Your research & development project

Consulting services for public funding

Contact persons

Cornelia Motsch

Research funding consultant
+49 9605 919 - 9398