The project aims to further develop the training and further education of lecturers at South African TVET colleges, following the proven German dual education system. It is designed with a duration of three years (2018-2020). The ÜBZO and the Institute of Educational Science (IfE) at the University of Stuttgart develop and test a modularized curriculum for in-service lecturers in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering.

The basis for this project is the close cooperation between state institutions, vocational training institutes and companies in Germany and South Africa. Within the project, TVET lecturers should continuously expand their technical, didactic and pedagogical competences by designing, implementing and reflecting guided teaching and learning arrangements.

The project is designed in five stages:

  1. Needs analysis and requirement specification
  2. Design of a curriculum with six modules in total
  3. First trial with a group of 20 participants – successfully finished in November 2019
  4. Evaluation of the first trial and optimization (ongoing)
  5. Second trial and transfer

By the end of 2020 the contents shall be handed over to the South African Ministry for Higher Education and Training (DHET) and shall be implemented in a continuous lecturer development program.

The training itself takes place in a blended learning format in several phases:

  1. Kick-off meeting
  2. Eight weeks self-study phase with e-learning modules and online tutoring
  3. One week attendance phase in South Africa with intensive training
  4. Self-study phase with e-learning modules and online tutoring
  5. One week attendance phase
  6. Implementation period in the TVET colleges of the participants
  7. Last attendance phase with follow-up coaching, experience exchange and further training

Successful participants receive a certificate. As soon as the course is fully accredited, it will also earn points for the South African CPD programme (continuous professional development).



Concept & Details

Project team

Carina Adam

project manager, course design
+49 9605 919 - 9365


Oliver Grünwald

trainer for mechanical engineering
+49 9605 919 - 9333


Stefanie Holler

research assistant, trainer for didactics and pedagogy


Helmut Windschiegl

trainer for electrical engineering; course design
+49 170 2720520


Prof. Dr. Bernd Zinn

project manager


Leonard Kosgei

research assistant


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