Vocational training department (ABI)

To fulfill the German nationwide vocational training frameworks, a company needs to teach their apprentices certain skills in order to make them able to pass the examinations.

As a provider of inter-company training services, we can take over this part for companies which cannot afford investment in certain expensive technological equipment that is necessary for the vocational training. By cooperating with us, we substitute or supplement the company’s in-company training at our training site – for all mechanical and electrical trades.

We support companies to make their apprentices pass the German nationwide exams. Due to our flexibility we are also able and willing to design tailor-made courses according to company demands – according to our motto “nothing is impossible”.

You need support in vocational training? The UeBZO will find a solution!

Further education (WBI)

The further education department has a professional portfolio for a broad target group.

We offer profound and practice-oriented seminars for the further qualification of employees in the areas of business administration, mechanical and electrical trades, as well as IT-related contents.

As a provider of education services, we are able to design tailor-measured seminars and content that fits into the respective HR development strategy of our customers. In order to take recent technological, economic and societal developments into account, we closely collaborate with regional and international education organizations, institutions and external experts.

Due to our close cooperation with BHS Corrugated machine and plant engineering Co. Ltd., the world market leader in the corrugating industry, we do not only have the necessary know-how but also keep up-to-date in the technological field and when it comes to knowledge management processes. This is one of the many reasons why employees from more than 250 regional partner companies of the UEBZO as well as international customers from the corrugating board industry take part in our professional further education seminars.


Universities - Research - International Affairs (HFI)

The HFI department is the link between science and practice. The department is focused on the close transfer between vocational and academic education, future-related projects for the knowledge region Upper Palatine and international cooperation in education.

One aim is setting up university cooperations for dual study courses and vocational training programs for university dropouts. Another aim is allocating funds (e.g. from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) for joint projects with other educational institutions. In addition, the department supports vocational training projects in China, Lao PDR and South Africa to foster the internationalization of dual vocational training.

Working areas:

Technical Universities/Universities of Applied Sciences

As part of the collaborative project “OTH mind – modular and innovative network for permeability”, the UeBZO and the University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden develop, test and evaluate a new training framework for the training profile “electrician for operating technology” focused on the target group of university dropouts or interested students.

Further information on this project: https://www.oth-aw.de/forschen-und-kooperieren/aktuelles-in-der-forschung/oth-mind/projektuebersicht/#c6118


We jointly plan and set up research groups with universities, external research institutions, companies and other relevant organizations - mainly for these research topics, amongst others:

  • internationalization of vocational training,
  • inclusion in vocational training,
  • competency management,
  • sustainability,
  • Industry 4.0. – Labour 4.0. – Education 4.0.


International affairs     

Due to the ongoing globalization, education is a crucial success factor for innovation and competitiveness of companies. The demand for training services worldwide is high, especially in vocational training for skilled employees.

Many countries are taking the internationally recognized German dual vocational training system as a guideline to improve the employability of their youth in order to enhance economic growth.

The HFI department therefore focuses on the transfer process of elements of the dual vocational training system to China and Lao PDR according to the guidelines of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Modules and content for vocational and further education programs are developed for international trainers and apprentices.

Further information on the project in Lao PDR: www.rtp-laos.com

Our (inter)national university, college and research partners:

  • University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden, Institute for sustainability in technology and economy
  • University of Stuttgart, Institute for Educational Sciences
  • Technical University of Rhineland-Westfalia in Aachen, Institute for Labour Sciences
  • ZHAW School of Management and Law, Winterthur (Switzerland)
  • Salisbury University (USA)
  • Research Institute for Vocational Education, Nuremberg
  • Lao-German Technical College (Lao PDR)
  • Jiaxing Nanyang Polytechnic Institute (China)

Competence Center for Production Technology (KPT)

Competence Centers are German inter-company training institutions focused on a specific technological field, which serve as lighthouse institutions. Competence Centers are accredited in a process of several years by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and are responsible for enhancing the quality of vocational training in their respective field on a regular basis by adapting it towards the technological development. Besides applying the technology, they also develop new pedagogical concepts and courses for implementing new technologies and processes.

A Competence Center also serves as a neutral source of information free of charge for companies in the specific technological field – in our case for the topic of production technology.
We consult companies for the German nationwide training profiles “production technologist”, “packaging technologist” and “paper technologist”.  Furthermore, the UeBZO works together with schools, local job agencies and employer’s associations to promote these vocational training programs towards graduates.

We work closely together with the vocational school centre in Wiesau which has been offering classes for the vocational training program “production technologist” since 2017. Joint aim of both institutions is to further synchronize the theoretical education at school and the practical training in the companies, in order to make this profession interesting for companies in the region.


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