Have a look into the mechanical workshop of the UeBZO and you will see that we offer the trainees a modern, well-equipped and digitalized mechanical workshop for an up-to-date practical training.

Due to the rapid changes in the industry, we are strongly committed towards continuous innovation and development. Therefore, the mechanical workshops will be transferred into the Science Park C4 in Weiherhammer by September 2020 to provide an even better learning environment.

Modern & digital


In detail

Our machinery

Our machinery:

  • Tin snip (SafanDarley M-Shear 205-6)

  • Water jet cutting machine (OMAX 555)

  • Universal milling machine (DMG MMORI – DMU 50 3rd Generation)

  • Folding press (SafanDarley E-Brake 35-1250)

  • Additive 3D printer (Lasertec SLM 125)

  • Precision milling machine (Weiler C30)

  • Mobile training unit (KUKA robot)


In addition, we use the following equipment:


  • 5x Universal milling machines (Kunzmann WF 4/3 & WF410M, Deckel FP2 NC)
  • 1x Processing centre (Spinner VC650)
  • 5-axis processing centre (Spinner U-1520)


  • 4x L&Z Drilling machines (Weiler Praktikant, Turnkraft)
  • 1x CNC-turning machine (Spinner TC42)
  • 2x cyclic lathe (Gildemeister NEF320, Spinner MT 500/1000)


  • 4x Table drilling machine by Alzmetall (AX 3/SV, AB 34/SV, AB34)

Digitalization system

  • Measuring system (Zeiss Comet L3D 2 5M)

Control technology by FESTO

  • Pneumatic and E-Pneumatic units (TP101/102, TP201/202)
  • Hydraulic and E-Hydraulic units (TP501/502, TP601/602)


Courses offered